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'CARB' Compliant Fleet of Tier 4 Water Trucks
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EWTS was formed in 1985 to bring reliable & professional services to our contractor partners working in the grading & excavating field, supplying water trucks for compaction & dust control. We accomplished pads for industrial buildings, apartments, condos, housing tracts, pipeline placement & re-compaction, railroad right of ways, tree planting, street & parking lot washing, airport runways, taxi ways, terminal buildings, as well as environmental facilities for water treatment & landfills.
With the decline in housing starts over the last few years, we have gained valuable experience within the electrical transmission industry. Recently working with SC Edison on numerous sub-station projects & transmission line placements throughout California, Arizona  & Nevada.

As a result of new Federal & State regulations required for the operation of heavy equipment, EWTS has upgraded our fleet to full CARB Compliant standards. Our new 4,000 Gal 6x6, Tier 4, water trucks are operated by drivers with considerable experience in the above mentioned fields. We also offer bare rental trucks with either an Allison automatic transmission or the popular 8LL manual stick shift. Our trucks are commercially licensed, insured and our operators have current California Class B licenses.

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